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10 Romantic Cities Without Crowds

When it comes to romantic city breaks, the first destinations that spring to mind are probably Paris, Rome or Venice. While these beautiful cities are undoubtedly some of the most romantic places on earth, there’s one major drawback: They’re usually crammed full of tourists! If you’re looking for a romantic city break with a bit more ‘alone time’ then there are plenty of alternatives that give all three of the above cities a run for their money in the romance stakes. The following are 10 of the world’s most romantic cities without crowds of tourists.

Strasbourg – France

Strasbourg is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of Europe but thankfully doesn’t suffer from the huge influx of tourists like Paris or Rome. Visitors are able to take a romantic walk down the twisting streets, enjoy a boat ride down the Rhine River and gaze at the breathtaking Gothic architecture of the Notre-Dame Cathedral.