Landscape Natgeo100contest

30 Awesome Photos From National Geographic Contest on Instagram:Stunning Landscapes

Landscape photography is a popular genre and there are many talented individuals who take awe-inspiring photos from all around the world. It might even be that the below images will inspire you to pack up and visit these places.

11. Northern lights in Alaska

Night shift while on medevac made a good time to aurora hunt. Interior Alaska is cold, dark and desolate but getting to see a sky like this makes it more than worth while. Watching the Aurora, for me at least, really brings home the truth the we are in fact hurtling through space on a ball of rock being bombarded by charged particles that have been violently ejected from the star that we orbit nearly 93 million miles away. Oh and if you flew that distance in the Super Cub pictured here it would take you about 106 years to get there... Yeah that’s what I think about when I see things like this, that and Awe.

Photo by: mikey_bristol
Location: Alaska

12.  Stunning Seealplsee

Always looking for new perspectives at these famous places

Photo by: cameraismyeye
Location: Seealpsee

 13. Can you spot a seahorse?

Can you see the sea horse? This photo was taken in Page, AZ during our last road trip. Strange shapes start to appear in the layers carved into these slot canyons

Photo by: devonfoxphotos
Location: Page, Arizona

14. Beautiful Sunrise


Morning Shift
An easterly wind this morning helped to push the clear shale ice up onto shore, creating some beautiful compositions. 

Photo by: ryan_thomas_photos
Location: Doctors Park Friends

15. Frozen Baikal Lake 

Photo by: mrs.timagina
Location: Lake Baikal Siberia Russia

16. Foggy forest 


A house in the clouds

Photo by: lawson_cross
Location: Uki, New South Wales

17. On the shores of Hawaii 

Following one of the worst winter storms in Hawaii’s recent history, large swells wiped out the beaches of western Maui. The next day, large pieces of coral were scattered throughout the beach.. I picked through the most colorful and beautiful pieces and found this composition of the island of Moloka’i. The wave action reminds me of fingers from the sea coming to reclaim the coral back 

Photo by: traunfoto
Location: Hawaii

18. Lake McDonald in Montana 

The weather here lately is snow joke. Another day in single digits with howling wind

Photo by: traunfoto
Location: Lake McDonald, Montana

19. Thunderstorm in Grand Canyon 

A summer thunderstorm rolls over the Grand Canyon. This image is a combination of three consecutive long exposure photos of the storm. Photographer Charlie Hamilton James: This is an exceptional image of lightning striking the Grand Canyon. It is muddy, dramatic and demonstrates excellent technical ability.

Photo by: franciscop777
Location: Grand Canyon, Arizona

20. Amazing view of the mountains

Less than a month and I’ll be heading back

Photo by: e4rlyr1ser
Location: Vestrahorn, Iceland