30 Awesome Photos From National Geographic Contest on Instagram:People

I personally find taking portraits of people is especially hard! There are many aspects for taking a good photo, but most importantly it needs to tell a story. The below shots allow us to dwell into the meaning of the photos and admire the human nature complexity.

21. Naga 

"NAGA ". Believes that the twinkle in her eye may be the reflection off her lost marbles.

Photo by: arvindpatwalphotography

22. Fishing with a spear 

Photo by: cainedelacy

23. Mother and her child 

Women hold up half the sky

Photo by: okunbeachwear

 24. Men smoking in New Delhi

Photo by: okunbeachwear

25. Human resilience  

Another one of my all time favorite images: Munganau walks home. The erupting Tavurvur volcano has destroyed beautiful Rabaul town. The people showed amazing resilience against the odds of nature and stayed with the hope, that their paradise will one day return. Fingers crossed that the volcano stays quiet!

Photo by: ullalohmann

26. A lovely Carnival  

Carnavales de Ayacucho

Photo by: vigonza53

27. I am reading my newspaper, don't bother me 

28. Life is like a dance

Photo by: jerrykestel

29. In Pursuit for Happiness 

Such happiness is always required

Photo by: souravkumarx1999

30. A quick break

Photo by: bupiazzi