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300 Fatalities A Year: Welcome To ‘Death Road’

The name may be a bit of a clue, but if you fancy enjoying a quiet drive in the country, then ‘Death Road’ in Bolivia is not for you! The mountain track, also known as Yungas Road, is believed to be the most dangerous road in the world and is responsible for around 300 deaths each year. The narrow and unstable highway winds its way through the mountains of the Amazon rain forest for 40 miles, with a 15,000ft descent and sheer drops at just about every corner. To make matters worse, the route is also one of the few roads that connects the Yungas region to the capital city, so there are a large number of lorries and trucks regularly using the track. The road has also become a big tourist attraction in recent years, with many mountain bikers and even the BBC Top Gear team braving Death Road.