Time to see the world!

Breathtaking Zero-Emission Journeys

Travelling by car, train or plane may often be the quickest and easiest way to complete a journey, but the result of a swift trip often results in missing the scenery and leaving a large carbon footprint. If you love the idea of seeing the world but want to keep the environmental damage to a minimum then the next 10 journeys should be ideal. Whether it’s cycling along the beautiful mountains of the French Alps or galloping across the wild west of America, the following journeys offer truly breathtaking sceneries but with the added bonus of zero emissions along the way.

Route Des Grande Alpes – France

France is arguably the most cycle-friendly country in the world, so what better way to explore the beautiful countryside of the French Alps than on bike. The Route Des Grande Alpes stretches from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea and takes in over 400 miles of stunning scenery in the process. The cycle route travels along 17 mountain passes in total, so there is plenty of climbing involved, but the breathtaking views along the way make it all worthwhile.

Sailing Expeditions – Canada

If you fancy a journey that feels like taking a step back in time then how about a cruise on a sailing boat? Guests get to travel along the beautiful coast of Canada and Alaska in utter solitude, with only the sound of the wind in the ship’s sails to disturb them. The journey lasts 6-10 days and takes in fjords, forests and incredible wildlife, including grizzly bears, wolves, whales and bald eagles.

Kayaking The Summer Isles – Scotland

Scotland is one of the most beautiful and rugged countries in the world and a kayaking holiday in the Summer Isles lets you explore the breathtaking landscape in all its glory. The journey lasts 5 days and allows visitors to paddle across the crystal clear waters of the archipelago during the day and set up camp on the deserted beaches at night, all without a carbon emission in sight.

Dog Sledding and Northern Lights – Sweden

Sweden is a beautiful country and what better way to explore this icy wonderland than on a sled pulled by husky dogs. The tour lasts 8 days and travels from Abisko, along breathtaking trails and up towards the stunning mountains of Swedish Lapland. Witnessing the beautiful countryside during the day is special enough but the real highlight of the trip is getting to see the incredible Northern Lights at night.

Sailing Around The Seychelles Islands

The Seychelles is made up of numerous beautiful islands, all ready to be explored, which makes it the perfect sailing holiday destination. The journey lasts 7 nights aboard a luxury sailing boat where guests get to stop off at deserted islands and snorkel with tropical fish and sea turtles. It’s a zero-emissions paradise.

Route 1 – Iceland

If you want to see all that Iceland has to offer without damaging the country’s beautiful environment then a cycle trip around Route 1 is the perfect journey. The road stretches 850 miles around the coastline of Iceland and provides some absolutely stunning scenery. The route takes you passed icebergs, volcanos, geysers, lava fields, hot springs, waterfalls and fjords.

Camel Trekking – Morocco

The Sahara desert is one of the most beautiful places on earth and one of the best and most environmentally friendly ways to experience this stunning location is on camel-back. There are a number of tours that run camel treks and provide an expert guide to accompany you through the desert and help set up camp before sleeping under the stars. This is a truly once in a lifetime experience.

White Water Rafting – Australia

Australia has some of the most breathtaking countryside in the world and one of the most exciting ways to explore this terrain is rafting down the Franklin River in Tasmania. The journey lasts 11 days in total and takes in beautiful gorges, stunning ravines, secluded beaches, incredible wildlife and, of course, some pretty impressive river rapids!

Trekking Through The Dolomites – Italy

The limestone mountains and lush green valleys of the Dolomites make it one of the most beautiful places in the world to walk and climb. There are a number of hiking tours available that last around 7 days to complete and take you through the mountains, passed ski villages, small towns, alpine lakes, lush forests and even WWI bunkers! Plus there’s the opportunity to stay in authentic mountain Huttes at night.

Horseback Ride – Wyoming, USA

If you’ve always wanted to live the life of a cowboy then a trip to Wyoming in the US is an absolute must. The Bitterroot Ranch is located in a remote valley between the Wind River and the Absaroka mountain range and offers horse riding tours. Guests get to stay at the ranch and explore the vast area of the National forest on horseback. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to feeling like a real life cowboy.