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Dog Adopts Adorable Baby Opossums

We love a good animal adoption story here at Earthtripper and Pretinha, a dog from Rio De Janeiro, has given us one of the cutest adoption stories we’ve ever seen. A small group of baby opossums were left abandoned and fending for their lives when their mother was killed by a stray dog in Brazil’s largest city, Rio. The tiny creatures appeared doomed to an incredibly short life until they were found by dog trainer (and Pretinha’s owner), Stephanie Maldonado. The animals were taken in by Stephanie but were so young that they hadn’t even opened their eyes yet. Things were looking touch and go for the four opossums until Pretinha, Stephanie’s dog, jumped to the rescue and adopted the babies as her own. Pretinha not only nursed the tiny bambinos back to health, she even allowed them to take piggy-back rides on her back! The four opossums are now fit and healthy and Stephanie hopes to release them back into the wild once they are big enough to fend for themselves.