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Model Risks Life For Amazing Photos

If you thought that a career in modelling was all about glamorous parties and high-class fashion then think again. These incredible photos show that certain models will go to incredible lengths to get the perfect shot. Italian model, skydiver and base jumper, Roberta Mancino captured these images while on a photo-shoot in Banco Chinchorro, Mexico. The daredevil spent a total of 10 hours over 5 days in the waters of a large lagoon that is home to around 700 wild crocodiles. After learning the behaviour of the crocs, the model was able to get up close and personal with the reptiles and capture some truly stunning images. Roberta said it wasn’t just about capturing the photos for the shoot though, she also wanted to show people that crocodiles aren’t as fierce and deadly as their reputation suggests. Rather her than us though!