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Photos That Prove Animal Love Is The Best Kind

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Tom & Jerry, The Roadrunner or countless nature documentaries, it soon becomes pretty clear that the majority of animals just don’t get on. Whether it’s fighting over a potential mate or being hunted for food, there’s no doubting that the animal kingdom can be a brutal place. Thankfully, not all animals are at each other’s throats and occasionally there are friendships formed that would melt even the coldest of hearts. The following are 10 perfect examples of this and, whether it’s the bond between a seal and a penguin or the love between a monkey and a tiger, these photos show that animal love is definitely the best kind.

Monkey Love

Conditions can be pretty tough in the Himalayas during the cold winter months but these two monkeys have found the perfect way to keep each other warm. We like to think the cute cuddle isn’t just to share body warmth though, but also down to the fact the pair are best friends – Ahhhh.

Best Friends

Orangutans and leopards are not renowned for getting along very well in the wild but these three seem to have formed a special bond. The two leopard cubs seem to have nothing but love for their furry long-armed friend and the trio seem almost inseparable. That’s true animal love.

I’ve Got Your Back

Carrying on the monkey and big cat theme, this beautiful duo might just be the cutest photo on the internet. You’d be forgiven for thinking that a baby monkey would be in severe danger surrounded by lion cubs but this little guy seems to have formed a special bond with his new best friend.

Furry Friends

Talking of the cutest photo on the internet, this picture of a tiny kitten and a fluffy rabbit also has to be a contender. The adorable pair look totally inseparable and prove that love has the power to cross all species.

Play Fight

There’s no truer sign of two friends beginning to bond than a good old fashioned play fight. That’s exactly what this puppy and tiger cub appear to be doing in this photo, although I think it’s fair to say the puppy has little choice in the matter!

Nibble On My Ear

You might think the idea of putting a dog and a grizzly bear together is a recipe for disaster, but this pair seems to be the best of pals. The bear cub is totally besotted with his new best friend but we’re not sure the dog is as overly keen on having his ear nibbled.

Sealed With A Hug

It’s not just on dry land where unlikely animal friendships are formed but also in the ocean. This beautiful shot of a seal giving a penguin a big hug is proof that even the most improbable animals can form lasting friendships.

Just Hanging Out

If you needed a photo to sum up the term ‘contentedness’ then we think this image is pretty much perfect. The tiny little field mice look totally at ease with one another while they while away the day swinging on their favourite branch.

Snuggle Time

This photo just isn’t fair. As if red squirrels weren’t already cute enough, this image of a group of them all snuggled together while they catch 40 winks is just off the scales in the adorableness charts!

You Little Tiger!

If there’s one thing this slideshow should have proved, it’s that big cats and monkeys seem to have a very special bond. This adorable photo of a monkey and a tiger cub is another example of a friendship that is just too cute for words and really does prove that animal love is the very best kind.