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5 Of The Coolest Houses On The Planet

We spend a huge amount of our lives in our homes so it is always important that we love the places that we live. While most people concentrate on making the inside of their houses unique and perfect, there are the odd few who decide to focus their creative powers on the outside of their […]


Inside Keret House: The World’s Thinnest Home

If you’ve ever thought you could do with a little more room in your house, spare a thought for Etgar Keret, who lives in the thinnest house in the world. The claustrophobic structure is an art installation designed by architect Jakub Szczęsny and is located in the space between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland. The […]

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Fancy Living In A Bio-climatic Sundial House?

If unusual buildings are your thing, then this sundial house in Strasbourg, France may well be your ideal home. The unique Heliodome was designed as a bio-climatic living space that keeps the building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The giant three-dimensional sundial is positioned at a fixed angle so that it […]