What Causes This Lake To Go ‘Spotty’ Every Summer?

For nine months of the year, this lake in Canada is hard to distinguish from any other lake in the world but for 3 months every summer, this stretch of water becomes the incredible ‘Spotted Lake.’ The process occurs due to the richly concentrated minerals found in the water, that converge together to form small pools when the water evaporates during the hot summer months. The magnesium sulphate, sodium sulphate, calcium, silver and titanium minerals found in the water cause the spots to change colour and create the ‘spotted’ effect. The spots are not the only thing the lake is famous for though, as there has been a long tradition stating that the Spotted Lake provides ‘therapeutic water’ with ‘mythical healing powers’ to those who bathe in it. That’s all well and good but we just like the fact it’s spotty!