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The Worst Fashion Trends from Around the World

The desperate urge to fit in, be beautiful or simply keep up with the latest fashion, blinds normally sane people into a frenzy of thoughtless consumerism and trends underpinned by a philosophy of “anything goes” as long as one is “in.” The ever-metamorphosing fashion industry picks up on the street ethos derived from alternative movements, like hip-hop; co-opts its codes, messages and mode of dressing and turns into a generalized fashion statement (I’m thinking Adidas sneakers or tracksuits). Some are long lasting and tasteful, others short lived and terrible, but they all make a profit. Let’s take a look at some of the worst fashion trends from around the world.

Bagel Heads

An apt name for one of the stupidest and weirdest trends ever to hit planet Earth. Luckily, the body modification trend is localized, mainly to Canada, where this bizarre practice was born, and Japan, where it caught on among the country’s trend-setting ravers. Those wishing to don a bagel head must endure a 300-400 cc injection of medical-grade saline in the mid-forehead over a period of two hours, and then press in the center of the bulge to achieve the much-coveted “bagel head” look. Fortunately, unlike tattoos, those victims of rash decision-making episodes under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs need not carry their “bagels” for a lifetime as the body will absorb the saline solution over the course of a few hours and the bagel will be digested, so to speak. Still, you might want to hold the lox and cheese for that.