Would You Dare To Cross Brave Man’s Bridge?

If the name hasn’t already given it away, then the pictures below should make it pretty clear that you have to be pretty bold (or crazy) to cross ‘Brave Man’s Bridge’ in Hunan Province, China. The 984 ft long glass-bottomed walkway sits 590 ft (over 180m) above a ravine and has been terrifying tourists since it first opened in October 2015. The bridge’s staff are even trained to help coax people along the walkway if they start panicking halfway across. You may think that’s an over-reaction, but the bridge has already had to be closed for repairs due to one of the glass panes shattering! The 2.4cm thick glass is supposed to be ’25 times stronger than normal glass’ but we doubt that was much reassurance for the people who were crossing the bridge at the time. The incredible images of ‘Brave Man’s Bridge’ can be seen below.