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10 things to know before going to Zip World Slate Caverns

No matter what your age is (unless you are 70) trampolines are a huge amount of fun! While trampolines have always come in different shapes and sizes, there are few that can match the dimensions or location of the cave trampoline at ‘Bounce Below’ in Wales.

The unique adventure park is located in a slate cave in Blaenau Ffestiniog and features huge trampolines, walkways, slides and tunnels made from netting which are suspended in mid-air. Visitors get to bounce, slide and crawl their way through a cave that is twice the size of St Paul’s Cathedral.

The trampolines and slides are all at different levels, with the highest platform being suspended a dizzying 180ft above the cavern floor. Don’t worry, all of the security measures are in place.

If you want to take pictures of yourself in action there is a head cam hire available. 

Here is what you need to know before going to Zip World Slate Caverns

  1. Your maximum weight shouldn’t exceed 120kgs (shouldn’t be a problem for most people!)
  2. Minimum height is 1.2 metres (3.94 feet)
  3. Minimum age is 7 years
  4. You will get a pre-obstacle training to get used to equipment and just get general tips
  5. You need £1 coin to store your personal belongings in a locker
  6. In my opinion the food in this kind of places would always be a bit expensive, so recommend packing some snacks with you
  7. You are allowed to bring your personal GoPro
  8. Tickets during summer months are from £50 (depends which obstacle course you choose)
  9. Better to book tickets 1-2 weeks in advance through their website
  10. It is super fun