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The 10 Most Amazing Water Slides On The Planet

Water slides come in all different shapes and sizes but there are certain rides that have to be seen to be believed. Whether it’s a slide that takes you through a shark tank, a slide that resembles a giant snake or a slide that comes out of the side of an aeroplane, the following are the 10 most amazing water slides on the planet. Pack your swimsuits in a bag and throw the inflatables in the car: the following 10 slides are going to make you head straight to the nearest water park!

Citta del Mare water slide, Sicily

In terms of location and view you can’t really beat the Citta del Mare water slide in Sicily. The ride is located right on the side of a picturesque Italian cliff and drops the riders right into the clear blue Mediterranean Sea – perfect!

King Cobra, New Jersey, USA

If you have a fear of snakes you might want to avoid the Six Flags water park in New Jersey. The star attraction is the King Cobra slide which allows two people to race side by side down a (you guessed it) giant cobra snake. The finale of the slide plunges the riders down the snake’s neck and straight towards its hungry looking mouth!

Verrückt, Schlitterbahn Water Park, Kansas City

Verrückt has made this list for one very important reason: it is the tallest waterslide in the world, standing at an eye-watering 51.38 metres (168.7 ft) tall: That’s taller than Niagara Falls! Verrückt also translates from German as ‘Insane’ – it says it all really!

Insano Water Slide, Brazil

From the German Verrückt to the Brazilian Insano, this is another ride that once held the record for the tallest water slide in the world. The Insano stands at 135 ft tall and throws riders towards the earth at up to 65mph!

Leap Of Faith, Bahamas

The Leap of Faith may not be the tallest or fastest slide on this list but it has one very special feature that no other slide can match: it travels straight through a shark tank! The ride starts at the top of a temple and shoots riders through a clear perspex tank that is full of real live sharks!

Kilimanjaro Water Slide, Brazil

Kilimanjaro previously held the record for the tallest water slide in the world (before the 168.7 ft Verrückt was built), standing at an impressive 164 ft. The crazily tall ride is built into the side of a hill in Brazil and allows riders to reach speeds of over 57 mph! Apparently an average of one in every 20 riders change their minds about riding the slide once they reach the top and look down.

Scorpion’s Tail, Wisconsin, USA

The Scorpion’s Tale stands at 10 stories high and that elevation is needed for one very special reason: the ‘scorpion’s tale’ section of the ride actually takes riders in a full 360 degree loop UP the slide!

Black Hole Water Slide, Germany

While most enclosed water slides throw you down a damp, dark tunnel with nothing to see, the Black Hole in Germany likes to entertain its riders during their watery journey. The slide is fitted with thousands of LED lights that flash and change colour as the rider passes through, giving you your own private light show!

Twister and Speedy Water Slides, Austria

If you suffer from dizziness you might want to avoid the Twister and Speedy water slides at Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg thermal spa in Austria. Both slides twist around and around the watch tower platform to leave riders in a spin by the time they get to the bottom. Speedy (the red slide) is the quicker of the two but Twister (the yellow slide) is one of the longest slides in Europe, at over 660 ft in length.

Boeing 747 Water Slide, Oregon, USA

Just a quick glance at the Boeing 747 water slide in Oregon will have you running towards the entrance. The incredible slide sits on the roof of the Evergreen Wings and Waves Waterpark and actually starts from the inside of a real decommissioned Boeing 747 plane before winding its way inside the building and down to the pool below.