15 Most Dangerous Places to Swim on the Planet

Swimming can be one life’s most pleasurable experiences but our love of amusement with this seemingly insignificant colourless liquid has always been accompanied by a sense of mystery and in many cases fear. Maybe it’s our primordial sense of wariness of the unknown and what lies in the deep below that creates such unease. Or maybe it’s the fact that we actually do know what could be lying below the surface in wait.

In many cases it’s all about our perceptions, the average person would have no problems with plunging into a swimming pool full of harmful chlorine but would never bath in waters that contain therapeutic Garra Rufa Fish. These toothless fish are scavengers that can eat human dead skin cells and are claimed to have incredible health benefits.

Regardless of our perceptions, there are some places throughout the world that simply are very dangerous to swim in. Some are creations of mother nature and others are sadly toxic by-products of mankind’s rapidly and ever evolving consumerist lifestyle. The following are a selection of the most dangerous places to swim in the world.

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