15 Most Dangerous Places to Swim on the Planet:River Nile

Africa experiences some of the hottest temperatures on the planet, so taking advantage of a cool swim in a river or lake might seem like a good idea. It could well be your last though, as these waters are home to one of the largest freshwater predator, the Nile Crocodile. These predators use the murky waters of the Nile to lie in wait for their unsuspecting prey. Perhaps that swim doesn’t seem so enticing after all!

Curious Facts About Nile Crocodiles

- Nile crocodiles are not fussy when it comes to food. If it’s meat they’ll eat it and your toes, arms and legs are no exception. So much so that up to 200 hundred people a year are chomped up by these reptilian beasts. Beware!

- These fine creatures can grow up to 6 Meters (20ft) long, yes you read it correctly. That’s almost twice the average length of a full size African Elephant.

- Nile crocs eat fish mostly but will happily gobble up baby hippos, zebras and any other flesh they can get their teeth into.

Apart from crocodiles you can get also a nasty Bilharzia Disease.

A 14ft Nile Crocodile