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The 3X Camper: The World’s Coolest Caravan?

Let’s be honest, the trusty old caravan has never had a reputation as being cool or hip, but that might all be about to change thanks to the 3X Camper from Beauer. At first sight, the 3X looks like pretty much every other caravan and trailer on the road, but there is a clever twist that sets it apart: It expands to three times its size at the press of a button! The French company wanted to design a portable living space that was small enough for pretty much any vehicle to tow but provided a much larger living space than your average caravan. This was achieved by designing an interior that cleverly and quickly folded in or out on itself. At the push of a button the 3X takes roughly 20 seconds to transform from a 43 square foot to a 129 square foot living space. And the best feature of all? The 3X Camper is also available in a wide array of cool and crazy colour schemes. Caravans may have just got hip!