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An Abandoned Crane Turns Into A Unique Hotel

If you’re bored of staying in the same old run-of-the-mill city-centre hotels, then a trip to Harlingen in northern Holland should help spice up your next trip. The aptly named ‘Crane Hotel’ is located in the town’s harbour and the lodgings are exactly as the name suggests: a hotel suite in a decommissioned crane! The crane is 150ft tall (higher than a 5-storey building) and the small cabin has been converted into a luxury suite. While space may be at a premium, the room certainly packs in plenty of features, with a king-sized bed, flat-screen TV, a private lift delivering breakfast, high-tech lighting and even a roof terrace. The biggest feature of all has to be the fact the crane is still operational though, so guests have the option to rotate their cabin and enjoy spectacular views over the town or out across the ocean.