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Pink lake Hiller and Hutt Lagoon – everything you need to know

It might seem unusual but the waters in Lake Hiller and Hutt Lagoon in Australia are indeed pink.

What causes the water to turn pink?

It is not chemicals, but a natural phenomena. According to a few science sources the lake got its colour from the high salinity combined with the presence of Dunaliella salina, which is an algae. This unique organism can survive in an extreme salty condition. Salina is pink because it produces a red pigment to assist in absorbing light for energy. That is why both: Lake Hiller and Hutt Lagoon in Australia are pink.

How can I visit lake Hiller in Australia?

Unfortunately I haven’t seen any boat tours which would take you there. But there are some helicopter tours that operate, you will be able to take a nice Instagram photo of the full landscape from the above. The best time to go would be from October to April.

Image source: @wheresshelly

How can I visit Hutt Lagoon in Australia?

Much easier to visit the lagoon compared to Lake Hiller since you can drive there.

Best time to visit Hutt Lagoon

The best time to visit the lagoon would be during the daylight, so 10am – 3pm. If you are worried about the colour, luckily for us the lake is pink all year round! So you can choose any month to visit the lake.

Image source: @travelingwithisa