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Spotted Lake in British Columbia – Everything you need to know

Spotted lake is something you don’t see every day. It is located near the city of Osoyoos, British Columbia and is a popular tourist destination. Every summer for 3 months this pool of liquid becomes the incredible Spotted Lake.  

Why does the lake become Spotted?

It is a natural phenomena: the water has a high concentration of more than 10 minerals which include sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate and calcium. During summer months a lot of water evaporates increasing the proportion of magnesium sulfate to the water. Magnesium then crystalises creating circle shapes around the lake. The coolest sight is when other minerals are trapped inside those holes and because of different mineral properties they create a chemical reaction which changes the colour of the spots.

When to visit Spotted Lake?

The best time would be summer months June – August. Make sure it was not raining the day before or on the day of your visit, otherwise the spots won’t be as clear since the rain dilutes the minerals. 

Healing powers of the Spotted Lake

It was considered to turn this area into a Spa, but the project was suspended because this place is considered sacred by the locals of the Okanagan Valley. In the past they used the waters of the lake to cure pain and other illnesses. 

Is it worth visiting?

It is an interesting sight and if you are around the area during Summer definitely have a look. The lake is just 15 minutes away from Osoyoos and is easily accessible from Highway 3. However for some it might be an unpleasant sight, if you have trypophobia we don’t recommend you visit the lake.