What Caused This ‘Foam Storm’ Off The Coast Of Australia?

It may look like a giant foam party or the world’s largest bubble bath, but the pictures below were actually created by the natural forces of the sea. The huge swathes of bubbles and foam were seen in Yamba, New South Wales, in August 2007 and stretched for over 30 miles out into the Pacific Ocean. The ‘cappuccino effect’ was caused by the mixing of impurities in the ocean, such as decomposing fish, dead plants, salt, chemicals and excretions from seaweed. The rough seas and strong currents combined to mix these components together and the result was a giant blanket of foam that totally transformed the coastline north of Sydney. An entire beach and a number of buildings in Yamba were totally engulfed by the foam, along with a number of bemused surfers and swimmers. Perhaps most surprising of all though, is the fact this isn’t the first time the ‘cappuccino effect’ has occurred in New South Wales, as a similar foam invasion was seen in the same area three decades earlier.