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10 of the Most Amazing Personal Transport Vehicles

From the time mankind first settled atop a horse, we have looked for ways to travel more quickly from place to place. As time went on and combustible became a concern, we began to branch out into some truly extraordinary vehicles and technologies in order to fuel these machines. As a result, the world is now full of innovative vehicles that look like something straight from a science fiction movie. Here are ten of the world’s most amazing personal transport vehicles.

Boosted Board

Electric skateboards have been around for a long time, but people haven’t often looked to them as legitimate forms of transportation, until now. The Boosted Board, produced by Boosted, comes equipped with everything you could imagine: A charging port, Bluetooth remote, tunable electronics, and a lithium ion battery good for anywhere from four to six miles of transport. The Board has high-quality trucks, as well as tough wheels and a flexible deck to keep you on the move no matter how bad the quality of the road might be. Starting at $999, it’s hard to find something that can take you that far with this much style.

Hiriko Folding Car

The Hiriko looks more like something a parking cop would drive around than an actual transport vehicle, but these small, electric vehicles, have been in development at MIT since 2003. They’re designed to take up less space while still providing people with the power they need in order to combat rising population counts in major cities. With a current range of 120 km, the Hiriko Fold isn’t going to take anyone on cross-country trips anytime soon, but it may help with getting groceries.

The Motor-Uni-Cycle

A small, mostly unknown company called Ryno, has produced a motorized unicycle (sometimes called a monocycle) that is set to change the world. With built-in gyroscopic technology that auto corrects and allows even inexperienced riders to move with ease. While it has a top speed of only 10 miles per hour, the vehicle is perfect for getting around within the city. Ryno plans to start consumer production in late 2015, and is offering limited numbers to strategic partners at the moment.


It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t dreamed of donning a jetpack and moving from place to place. While the technology is still in development, JetLev has produced a jetpack that allows fliers to skirt over the surface of the water. By taking in water through a long hose and expelling it with massive force, users are able to hover anywhere from ten to fifteen feet above the water. Two hand grips allow for better control of the jetpack. While it’s not yet feasible for transport over land, the JetLev may just be the next extreme form of water sports.

Yamaha Wheel Rider

While currently still a concept, Yamaha has gone farther than any other company in determining the feasibility of a gyroscopic wheel. The Wheel Rider holds three layers: An outer shell where the turn signals rest, an inner shell where the rider sits, and a middle layer which acts as a wheel. This machine would automatically compensate for any tilting or shifting experienced by the rider inside and allow for easy turning in busy city streets.

The Flying Car

While it’s not quite the Jetsons vehicle, The Flying Car is a street-legal automobile that can transform from a four-wheeled road warrior into a light sport craft in thirty seconds. It is capable of reaching 65 mph on the highway and 115 mph while in the air, and can still get 30 miles per gallon while on the road. Starting at $350,000, owners would need to be certified to fly aircraft before investing in one of these.

The Crusoe Craft

If you’re the type of person who likes to be prepared for all eventualities, then the Crusoe Craft is perfect for you. Named for the intrepid explorer and adventurer Robin Crusoe, the Crusoe Craft is a boat and a home in one. It’s powered by a hybrid engine which switches to diesel only when the electric charge is below 75%. The craft itself can be folded for easy transport, but when out on the water is as durable as any solid-hull vessel. With a large deck space and plenty of room for customization, the Crusoe Craft is the ultimate vehicle for nautical transport.

Personal Hovercraft

The days of dreaming are over. Personal hovercrafts do exist, and they are as awesome as you might imagine. Capable of reaching 60 mph with a 60 horsepower engine and a 12 volt battery, this two-person vehicle can glide effortlessly across water and smooth surfaces on an 8 inch cushion of air. Controlled with a handlebar style tiller, the personal hovercraft can switch from water to land with ease.

Rinspeed sQuba

If you’ve ever wanted a car that transition to a submarine at a moments’ notice, then the Rinspeed sQuba is the vehicle for you. It is capable of ‘diving’ underwater at a depth of around 30 feet, although it moves relatively slowly when submerged. It also looks like the type of vehicle James Bond would drive, rather than the bulky underwater vehicles you may have seen before. Starting at $175,000, the Rinspeed sQuba will impress anyone who lays eyes on it.

Personal Submarine

If you want to search for the Loch Ness Monster, you’ll need your own submarine, and The Triton 3300-3 Personal Submarine can do the trick just fine. Capable of seating two people and diving to 1,000 feet, the Personal Submarine is motorized by powerful batteries which provide up to six hours of transportation under the water. Although it only reaches speeds of 3 knots, it allows the passengers access into a world they have likely never seen before. However, this comes at a hefty price: $2,000,000.