Why Is This Building Covered With 14,000 Lifejackets?

The refugee crisis has been one of the major talking points of the last 12 months, with many people not exactly being backwards in offering their viewpoint on the situation. Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei, has now decided to have his say, but rather than using words, he let his art do the talking. Ai and his team have decorated the front of the Berlin Konzerthaus (Concert House) with 14,000 refugee lifejackets in order to highlight the plight of refugees trying to reach Europe by sea. Ai visited the Greek island of Lesbos (Europe’s busiest entrance point for refugees) a number of times and asked to have the lifejackets donated to him by the Greek authorities. The art installation took around a month to complete and, no matter what your viewpoint on the refugee crisis, there is no doubting the power and spectacle of Ai’s art.