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The Wierdest World Records

While elite sporting events such as the Olympics and World Cup may only bring success to the very best athletes, the beauty of world record attempts is that, just about anybody can have a go at just about anything. Whether it be the amount of plates you can spin at one time or how many pegs you can attach to your face, The Guinness Book Of World Records lets everyone have a chance at glory. The following is a list of 20 of the most insane, bizarre and hilarious world records ever attempted.

Heaviest Weight Lifted by Tongue

The sport of weight lifting has been around for many years, but this world record took the activity to a whole new extreme. In 2008, Thomas Blackthorne from the UK managed to lift an impressive 12.5kg (27 lb 9 oz) using only his tongue. The weight alone was impressive enough but the most startling thing of all was the fact he attached the weight to a hook and pierced it through his tongue in order to achieve the record; now that’s dedication!

Clothes Pulled off a Washing Line by a Dog

Dogs are affectionately known as ‘man’s best friend’ and that bond could become even stronger if they start to bring the washing in for us too! This bizarre world record involves a canine pulling as many clothes off a washing line as possible in 60 seconds. The world record is currently held by a German Terrier mix called Gustl and stands at an impressive 13 pieces of clothing (that’s one every 4.6 seconds). An attempt at breaking the record was held in Berlin in November 2014 but Panya’s efforts only resulted in 9 socks.

Most Rotations Hanging from a Power Drill

One of the most bizarre world records on this list involves a ceiling, a power drill and an impressive aversion to dizziness. In 2008, The Huy Giang from Germany attempted to record the most rotations hanging from a power drill in 60 seconds. The German managed an incredible 148 rotations in the allotted time, resulting in a 360 degree rotation every 0.4 seconds! We’re guessing he may have needed both a sit down and a sick bag afterwards.

Egg Balancing Record

When most people are given eggs, they think of frying, scrambling or poaching them, but one man from Colorado Springs, USA, has a very different use for eggs. Brian Spotts currently holds the world record for the most eggs balanced on their ends. He first set a record of 439 eggs in 2005 but this was then beaten by an impressive 888 eggs. Spotts then reclaimed his title in 2011 when he simultaneously balanced an incredible 900 eggs on their ends!

Tallest Mohawk Record

Many people like to think they have a hairstyle that is unique to them, but Kazuhiro Watanabe may well have a case. The Japanese designer holds the world record for the tallest mohawk ever recorded, standing at an impressive 3 ft 8.6 inches. Watanabe set the record in 2012. It took him 15 years to grow his hair to the record length. The world record holder may have some competition though, as he states that his 10-year-old daughter has already vowed to beat his record one day.

Most Steps by a Dog Balancing a Glass of Water

You might have had to read the title of this category twice but there really is a world record for the most forward steps taken by a dog balancing a glass of water on its head. The current record was set by an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie called Sweet Pea in Germany in 2008. The dog managed to take 10 steps without spilling a drop of the 141g glass of water perched on its nose. Quite how the owner taught Sweet Pea the trick, is another matter entirely!

Running a Marathon Backwards while Juggling

Running the 26.2 miles of a marathon is a tough enough prospect when facing forward, but Joe Salter from Florida, USA, decided to give himself two more challenges and even set a world record at the same time. Salter not only ran the 2013 Quad Cities marathon backwards but also juggled 3 balls for the entirety of race! Perhaps most impressive of all though, was the fact that he completed the marathon in 5 hours, 51 minutes and 25 seconds, a time most forward runners would be proud of. Not everything went to plan though as Salter did drop a juggling ball on two separate occasions during the run; amateur!

Most Bras Unhooked in One Minute

While the task of trying to unhook a bra often results in fumbling fingers and embarrassed expressions for most men, the same cannot be said for Sean Murray. The Irishman’s fast hands resulted in him setting the new world record for the most bras unhooked in a minute, in Cork, Ireland, in 2013. Murray managed to unhook an incredible 91 bras in just 60 seconds; to put it another way, that’s one bra every 0.66 seconds!

Most People Hula Hooping at the Same Time

In terms of bizarre sights, this hula hooping record has to be near the top of the list. In February 2013 an incredible 4,183 people came together at the Thammasat University Stadium in Bangkok, to set the world record for the most people simultaneously hula hooping. The impressive sight lasted for 2 minutes and actually saw 397 people disqualified for not adhering to the rules!

Most Naked People on a Theme Park Ride

Any visitors to Adventure Island in Southend-On-Sea, England, in August 2010, may have had a shock as it was the location for a very bizarre world record. 102 people rode the Green Scream rollercoaster to set the record for the most naked people on a theme park ride. The Green Scream was only able to accommodate 40 people at a time so 3 separate rides were needed in order to set the record. That must have been one chilly queue to wait in!

Most Successful Throws while Juggling Three Chainsaws

If you like a bit of danger involved in a world record, then Ian Stewart is your man. The Canadian set the record for the most successful throws while juggling three chainsaws, in 2011. The fact Stewart managed 94 successful throws in just 37 seconds was impressive enough, but when you consider that all three chainsaws were actually live at the time, it takes the world record to a whole new level!

Fastest 100m Running on all Fours

While Usain Bolt may get all the attention for being the fastest man on two legs, even he might struggle to keep up with Kenichi Ito on all fours. The Japanese sprinter is the world record holder for running the 100m on all four of his limbs (yes, that really is a thing). Ito is the stand-out star of this bizarre sport and managed to beat his own world record in November 2013, setting a new time of 16.87 seconds. The sprinter based his running style on that of the African Patas monkey and says it took him 9 years to perfect the technique!

Most Time Spent in Direct Full Body Contact with Snow

While the sight of snow would result in most people going in search of their hats and gloves and winter coat, the white stuff has a very different effect on Oleksiy Gutsulyak. In 2013, the Ukrainian decided to strip down to his bare skin and set a new world record for the longest time spent in direct, full body contact with snow. While most people wouldn’t even consider attempting the record, Gutsulyak managed an incredible 60 minutes and 8 seconds before the cold got too much.

Most Beer Steins Carried over 40m

If you’ve ever been tasked with ordering a large round at a pub or bar, you’ll understand there’s a real skill to carrying numerous glasses of beer back to your table. While you may think you’re pretty skilled at transporting pints, your achievements will pale in comparison to Anita Schwarz. In 2008 the German managed to carrying a staggering 19 full steins of beer over 40 metres to set a new world record!

Deepest Cycling Underwater

When it comes to bizarre world records then this achievement has to be near the top of the list. In 2008, Vittorio Innocente recorded the deepest underwater cycle ever. The Italian sunk to a depth of 66.5m (218.2 ft) in Liguria Italy, before jumping on a bike and pedalling across the ocean floor. Innocente also holds the world record for the furthest distance cycled underwater.

The World’s Fastest Toilet

While it’s easy to see how certain world records were started, how someone came up with the idea for ‘World’s Fastest Toilet’ is anybody’s guess. The current title of world’s fasted loo is held by Englishman, Colin Furze, who managed an impressive 55mph, in 2013, beating the previous record (yes, someone’s actually tried this before) of 42.25mph. Furze’s bizarre invention is powered by a 140CC motorbike engine and the basin is even filled with water so it can be flushed on the move!

Most Beer Bottle Caps Removed with Teeth

I’m sure we’ve all been in that horrible situation, where we’re dying for a cold beer but suddenly realise we’ve forgotten a bottle opener. There is no such problem for Murali K.C though, who currently holds the world record for the most beer caps removed with his teeth in 1 minute. The Indian registered an incredible 68 caps in 60 seconds, in September 2011, to take the record. This is one man who would be welcome at any picnic!

Most Needles Inserted into the Head

If you have a fear of needles, you may want to look away now as this record is certain to make you feel faint. In 2009, Wei Shengchu set a new world record for the amount of needles inserted into a human head. The Chinaman became a temporary pin cushion as he inserted an incredible 2,009 needles into his skin on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy.

Most Tennis Balls Held in a Dog’s Mouth

If there’s one thing that’s certain in life, it’s the fact that dogs love tennis balls. Whether it’s chewing them to a pulp or chasing after them in the park, canines can’t get enough of the green furry balls. It seems that some dogs may like them a little too much though as golden retriever Augie, from Texas, USA, currently holds the record for the most tennis balls held in a dog’s mouth. The mutt managed to grasp an impressive 5 regulation size balls in its chops at the same time; now that’s a serious love of tennis balls!

Most Toilet Seats Broken by Head

Martial art enthusiasts have often shown the power of mind over matter by punching, kicking or head-butting through different material. While most athletes use planks of wood or bricks to display their prowess, Kevin Shelley has a slightly different choice of equipment. The American is the current record holder for breaking the most toilet seats with his head in 1 minute. The record was set in Germany in 2007, when Shelley broke an impressive 46 toilet seats in just 60 seconds! For his sake, we hope they were at least cleaned first!