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Is This The World’s Scariest Rollercoaster?

As rollercoasters go, the Fury 325 in North Carolina takes some beating. If the name alone doesn’t have you scared, the following pictures should do the trick. The Fury is the world’s tallest and fastest Giga Coaster (a Giga Coaster must have a height or drop of over 300ft [91m]) and reaches a height of 325ft (99m) and an eye-watering top speed of 95mph (153kmph). The track stretches an impressive 2km (1.4 miles) around the Carowinds Amusement Park and passes both over and under the park’s entrance. While the twists and turns of the Fury are undoubtedly impressive, the real attraction is the famous 325 foot drop. Riders undertake a slow climb up ‘Chain Lift Hill’ before plummeting over 300 feet, at nearly 100mph to the floor below. It seems the term ‘white knuckle ride’ was invented for the Fury 325!