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12 Places You Will Never Set Eyes On

No, these forbidden places are strictly off limits to your, or anyone else’s, physical presence or prying eyes. There is no Lonely Planet or Frommer’s Guide to these places. These are simply places you will never set eyes on.

Coca Cola Recipe Vault

The Real Thing is locked away, heavily guarded and out of sight to the general public in a purpose-built vault in Atlanta, Georgia. Well, the recipe is, anyway. In December 2011, the recipe was retrieved from its original vault at SunTrust Bank and, under high security, was transferred to its new home, a high-security vault at the company’s World of Coca- Cola exhibition. No one knows for sure if the recipe is scribbled on a simple scrap of paper or in John Pemberton’s favorite recipe book. Either way, it is stored in a metal box, which in turn is housed inside a two-meter (6.6-ft) high steel vault. This vault is never opened, and is protected by a barrier that keeps the viewing public several meters away. The area is kept under surveillance with armed guards, while the door is shut and can only be opened through a keypad and a hand-imprint scanner. Needless to say, you will never see the inside of that vault or its contents.