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Abandoned Beauty: 10 Breathtakingly Deserted Places

Whether you are an urban explorer or just have a curiosity for abandoned and deserted places, we can possibly agree that the neglect witnessed by their desolation can provoke a sense of mystery, wonder and in some cases eerieness. Yet one day these constructions were once nice new places that were brimming with life.

At the beginning of 2012, it was estimated that the world’s population rose above 7 billion people for the first time. With such huge numbers now inhabiting the earth, there are new buildings being designed and constructed every single day. While many people rush to fill these shiny new structures, the knock-on effect is that many old buildings are left deserted and abandoned. Many of these neglected structures are quickly forgotten and slowly fall into disrepair, But there is also a hidden beauty to their isolation. The following are 10 examples of this beauty and are some of the most breathtakingly deserted places on our planet.

Stock Exchange Antwerp

The beautiful stock exchange building in Antwerp dates back to the 19th Century and helped to make the city one of Belgium’s major economic forces. The late 20th century saw Antwerp lose this status though and that signalled the end for the stock exchange and the decline of the building, which now stands lonely and abandoned in the city.

SS Ayrfield – Australia

The SS Airfield dates all the way back to 1911 and was used during both the First and Second World Wars. The ship now sits abandoned in Homebush Bay and, while it no longer provides transport for soldiers, it does provide a home for nature. The ship has so much foliage growing out of it that it has been named ‘The Floating Forest’ by locals.

Jiancing Trail

The Jiancing Historic Trail is an abandoned mining track in Taiwan, which weaves its way through the misty mountains. It may no longer be transporting gold and copper from the mines but that hasn’t stopped it from being any less beautiful.

Abandoned Hut – Germany

This fishing hut on Obersee lake in Germany has long since been abandoned but we can’t quite understand why. It seems the perfect location for a peaceful day on the lake but has now fallen into disrepair. That doesn’t stop it from being one of the most beautiful abandoned places on the planet though.

Train Depot – Częstochowa

Czestochowa station in Poland was once a bustling train station that helped connect the Warsaw – Vienna railway to the rest of Europe. The city has now built a number of new stations though, meaning the old train depot has been left abandoned. It may no longer vibrate to the sound of passing trains but we still think there’s a real beauty to this overgrown train graveyard.

Michigan Central Station

When Michigan Central Station first opened its doors in 1914 it was the world’s tallest train station and was the main passenger station for the whole of Detroit. It was finally closed in 1988 though and, although there have been various plans to renovate the grand old building, it still remains empty and abandoned nearly 30 years later.

El Hotel del Salto

The El Hotel del Salto in Colombia should really be a thriving business, but instead the building stands isolated and deserted. The building overlooks the stunning Tequendama Falls and started out life as a mansion in 1923 before the owner decided to turn it into an 18-room hotel in the 1950’s. The construction of the hotel never began and the building was abandoned for good in the 1990’s due to river contamination.

Gouqi Island

When the fishing industry of Gouqi Island in China began to slow down, a number of fisherman left the area, resulting in many fishing villages becoming ghost towns. That’s exactly what happened to the village above and, as you can see, when there’s nobody left to tend to nature, nature takes care of itself!


The town of Craco in Southern Italy looks like it would be the perfect place to live, situated at the top of a picturesque mountain, but a number of natural disasters have led to the town being totally abandoned. The first wave of evacuations began after a landslide hit the town in 1963. The damage was then increased further by floods in 1972, before an earthquake in 1980 led to the whole town being evacuated. Craco now sits totally deserted but has become a popular destination for tourists.

Kilchurn Castle – Scotland

Kilchurn Castle in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, dates all the way back to 1450 and, due to its position on Loch Awe, is one of the most photographed castles in the world. The castle was abandoned in 1760 after lightning struck the building and a turret was destroyed by the power of the storm. The building has now remained abandoned for over 250 years but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most beautifully deserted places on our planet