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5 UK Cities With Most Gorgeous Women

Not long ago YouGov has done a survey across 15 biggest cities in the country to find out which UK city consider's to have the most attractive locals. The poll asked it's participants how attractive are the women and men in the respective cities as well as what do they think about each other. 

The results are really interesting:

Yougov uk cities with attractive women


I was actually surprised to see London number 6 on this list. I think the competitive nature of the capital sometimes lowers personal self esteem. And as you can see in the top 5 there are 3 cities from the North that consider themselves to be more attractive than people from the South of the UK.  

But the list in this article isn't solely based on the results from YouGov to determine which city has the most attractive women in the UK. We also browsed local forums where people discuss this topic as well as visited actually travelled to some of the places on the list. Don't agree with our list? Let us know which places do you think have the most attractive ladies.