Abandoned Beauty: 10 Breathtakingly Deserted Places

Whether you are an urban explorer or just have a curiosity for abandoned and deserted places, we can possibly agree that the neglect witnessed by their desolation can provoke a sense of mystery, wonder and in some cases eerieness. Yet one day these constructions were once nice new places that were brimming with life.


At the beginning of 2012, it was estimated that the world’s population rose above 7 billion people for the first time. With such huge numbers now inhabiting the earth, there are new buildings being designed and constructed every single day. While many people rush to fill these shiny new structures, the knock-on effect is that many old buildings are left deserted and abandoned. Many of these neglected structures are quickly forgotten and slowly fall into disrepair, But there is also a hidden beauty to their isolation. The following are 10 examples of this beauty and are some of the most breathtakingly deserted places on our planet.