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The World’s Most Remote Hotels

If you’re a keen backpacker you’ll know that your travels can take you to all sorts of isolated and remote corners of the globe. While exploring the planet’s less popular destinations is a great way of getting away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, the major drawback is always the lack of places to stay. When you’re hiking The Dolomites or trekking across the far reaches of Alaska, you probably wouldn’t expect to find a comfy hotel, warmly inviting you in for the night… but you may just be surprised.  The following are 10 of the most remote hotels on the planet. It seems that even the most isolated corners of the world still offer room service.

Rifugio Torre di Pisa – Dolomites, Italy

The Rifugio Torre di Pisa is a small hostel found right at the top of The Dolomites in Italy. The hostel is only reachable by a 2 hour hike that takes guests 2,200 feet up from the nearest village. The accommodation only has enough space for 20 guests but there is a bar, restaurant and, most importantly of all, a hot shower.

Hotel Arctic – Greenland

If you enjoy the cold isolation of the Arctic, then this remote hotel in Greenland should be your ideal accommodation. The Arctic Hotel is located near the small town of Ilulissat on the west coast of Greenland and guests get to stay in small igloo cabins with views straight out on the nearby glacier and ice fjord. The igloos include a bed, electric heating, TV and radio and a small bathroom and shower. Plus the tea and coffee making facilities mean you can enjoy a cuppa as you watch icebergs float by.

Three Camel Lodge – Mongolia

The Three Camel Lodge in Mongolia can only be accessed via a one hour prop-flight from Dalanzadgad (the capital of South Gobi) and a 90 minute drive along a dirt track. Once guests arrive, they have the choice of one of 45 nomadic tents. That may sound pretty basic accommodation but the ‘gers’ offer wood burning stoves, felt carpets, wooden framed beds and even a ceiling that opens up to the stars at night. Guests can also explore the isolated desert on either horse or camel-back.

Voyages Longitude 131° – Australia

The Voyages Longitude 131° is located right in the middle of the Australian outback and offers 5 star accommodation in the heart of the desert. The resort is reached by a 2 hour flight to Ayers Rock Airport and then a 6 mile 4×4 ride along the rough terrain of the outback. Once guests arrive they can look forward to enjoying gourmet food and sipping wine underneath the stars before retiring to their luxurious tents with king-sized beds.

Fannaråkhytta Lodge – Norway

In terms of isolation, few hotels can match the Fannaråkhytta Lodge in Norway. Guests must take a 5 hour hike from the nearest civilisation to the top of a mountain in order to reach the cabin but the views that greet them at the top are well worth the trip. The lodge is located right at the edge of a glacier and, at 6,784 feet, is the highest holiday lodge in Norway.

Wolwedans Dunes Lodge – Namibia

The Wolwedans is another hotel located right in the middle of the desert. The lodge is situated in the heart of the NamibRand Nature Reserve in Namibia and can only be reached via a 2 hour flight from Cape Town or Johannesburg and then a further 6 hour drive or 1 hour 45 minute prop-plane ride. Once guests arrive they can enjoy the uninterrupted views of the clay-coloured desert and explore the area by hot air balloon or safari.

Tikchik Narrow Lodge – Alaska

Alaska is renowned for its harsh winters and remoteness but the Tikchik Narrow Lodge really takes this to the extreme. The remote resort is located in Bristol Bay and can only be reached via a flight to Anchorage and then a separate flight to Dillingham. The resort is miles from the nearest town or village and 300 miles from the nearest road system. The lodge includes 7 separate cabins and a circular dining room that provides panoramic views of the bay.

A view from the hotel

Green Magic Nature Resort – India

The Green Magic Nature Resort in India is located 53 miles from the nearest airport in Calicut. Getting to the resort is hard enough, but actually reaching your accommodation is the real challenge. The tree houses are reached via a 86 ft vertical lift that is operated via a water counter-weight. Once up in the trees, guests can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding tropical rainforest or relax in the double bed. There are four tree houses in total, each connected by a rope bridge.

Jade Screen Tower Hotel – China

The four star Jade Screen Tower Hotel is located right at the top of one of the peaks of the Yuping mountain in China. Guests can fly to Huangshang Airport and take a 56 mile car journey to the foot of the mountain. There is then the option to either catch a cable car to the hotel or take a two hour trek up the 60,000 steps that climb through the mountain and to the door of the hotel. The hotel features a sauna and massage centre, a bar, two restaurants and, of course, an absolutely breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside.

Peter Island Resort – British Virgin Islands

If you fancy a bit of isolated luxury then Peter Island Resort in the British Virgin Islands is your ideal location. The four star hotel is situated on its own private island and offers total isolation from the outside world. The luxury resort is only accessible by boat and features a spa, ocean-side jacuzzi, infinity pool and tennis courts, as well as mountain biking, water sports and snorkelling.