The Coolest Toilets in the World

One of the great truths of life is, no matter how rich, how poor or how famous you become, we all have one thing in common: Everyone has to use the toilet. While you might be thinking bowel movements aren’t the most glamorous of topics to discuss, you will change your mind once you’ve seen some of these toilets on display. The following list contains 15 of the coolest, most retro and bizarre WC’s on the planet. From urinals shaped like tubas, to a toilet cistern with a built-in aquarium, these toilets really are worth spending a penny in.

There Is Something Fishy About this Toilet

Everyone likes to feel relaxed when they’re sat on the toilet and there are few more restful sights than watching a fish tank. This unique design is called ‘Fish ’n Flush’ and sees a real-life aquarium attached to a standard toilet. And there’s no need to worry about the safety of the fish when it comes time to flush, as the aquarium is cleverly wrapped around a small cistern in two completely separate systems. As the cistern is smaller than your standard toilet, the ‘Fish ’n Flush’ even saves on water each time you flush!

See-Through Public Toilet

From the outside, this public toilet just seems like a standard, if rather smart looking, WC, but it’s when you go inside the bathroom that the magic starts to happen. The toilet was designed by artist Monica Bonvicini and is made out of one-way mirror glass. This means that no-one can see in from the outside but the lucky user can view everything happening on the streets outside while they’re sat with their trousers around their ankles. Nice!

Open Wide

Men’s urinals have never been particularly interesting. Most public toilets choose a similar design and colour and this leads to nearly all urinals looking the same. That’s why the men’s WC in the 25H Hotel in Frankfurt is so refreshing. The toilets not only house bright red urinals but they’re even in the shape of mouths! It certainly adds some character to the bathroom but whether you feel comfortable is totally your choice.

Tuba Urinal

In terms of originality in a public toilet, you have to take your hat off to whoever came up with the idea for these urinals. The musical toilets can be found in a Freiburg restaurant in Germany and use tubas as replacement urinals. While the idea is superb, we’re guessing the owner must have a bit of trouble trying to keep the instruments clean and shiny. These are three tubas you definitely wouldn’t want to find in a second hand shop!

The “Don’t Look Down” Toilet

If you’re bored of always staring at the same old tiled floors while you’re on the toilet, then this bathroom in Mexico should freshen things up. The WC can be found at the top of a 15-floor lift, with the lucky user actually being able to see straight through the glass floor and down the gaping lift-shaft beneath their feet. This could be the perfect cure for anybody suffering from constipation!

A Toilet with a View

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to sit on a toilet at the top of a ski jump (and who hasn’t), well now that dream can become a reality. This hair-raising toilet can be found at a Japanese ski resort and is not for the faint of heart. The walls of the toilet make the user feel like they are looking directly down a ski jump and the floor even has real life skis to strap in to; now that’s dedication to the cause!

Confidence Boosting Urinals

If you suffer from a shy bladder, then these urinals in the Sofitel Hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand, might not be for you. Each urinal has a picture of a lady standing over it, while looking mightily impressed by what’s in front of her. We’re guessing the toilets were designed to boost the users confidence and make them proud of their manhood, not matter what the size. Either that or they’re supposed to make you feel very intimidated!

Diamond Encrusted Toilet

The Japanese take their bathrooms very seriously and have some of the most cutting-edge lavs in the world but this diamond encrusted toilet might be taking things a little too far. The sparkly toilet is made up of an incredible 72,000 Swarovski crystals and is valued at over $100,000! While it might be very nice to look at, its practicality is certainly questionable. This is one toilet where you want to make sure your aim is dead on!

The Golden Bathroom

If you thought redesigning your bathroom was expensive, spare a thought for poor old Lam Sai-wing. The Chinese jewellery mogul decided to make a solid gold bathroom in 2001 at his Swisshorn Gold Palace in Hong Kong. The washroom was made out of an incredible 380kg of pure gold and featured a solid gold toilet, bathtub and sink. And the cost for this modest bathroom? Just a mere 38 million Hong Kong dollars (Around £3.3m).

The Vertigo Toilet

If you suffer from a fear of heights or small spaces, this is one toilet you will definitely want to avoid. The ‘skyscraper’ wallpaper that adorns the walls of this bathroom not only makes you feel as if the walls are closing in on you, it also makes you feel as if your stood at the top of a tower block. Not a nice feeling for vertigo or claustrophobia sufferers but a great and unique experience for everybody else!

The Disappearing Toilet

These public toilets look like something out of a sci-fi film but there’s actually a very logical reason for these retractable urinals. The toilets can be found in a number of busy town centres and only appear from the ground at night. The idea behind these unique WCs is to stop drinkers from urinating in the streets when they walk from bar to bar. The urinals magically appear from the ground at around 10pm and disappear again at around 3am in the morning. This allows traffic to pass over them during the day and drinkers to have a convenient place to relieve themselves at night. Just make sure you’re not standing in one at 3am!

The “Swiss Army Knife” Toilet

If you feel that your standard toilet, sink and shower just take up too much room, then this ‘Swiss Army Knife’ designed WC should offer a solution. The ‘Vertebrae Vertical Bathroom’ measures just 4.3 square feet and yet it includes a toilet, sink, two storage units, a cistern and two showers! That means, should you so choose, you could actually be on the toilet, while washing your hands and taking a shower all at the same time!

The Bulletproof Toilet

One look at this public toilet in Zhong GuanVillage Plaza, China, and you’d be forgiven for thinking it was designed for James Bond. The ultra-security conscious WC was actually a response to the 9/11 attacks and features bullet-proof walls and a high security door. The public bathroom is so secure, that it can apparently withstand a TNT explosion, even if detonated from within! If you ever worry about being disturbed while using a public toilet, this WC should just about guarantee you’ll have your privacy.

The Underwater Toilet

A bathroom is all about water, so it seems strange there haven’t been more toilets built inside a giant aquarium. This incredible looking toilet can be found in the Mumin Papa Cafe in Akashi, Japan and cost an eye-watering $270,000 to build. The WC is surrounded by three walls of water that contain exotic fish and even a giant sea turtle. The toilet was apparently designed to mimic the feeling of relieving yourself in the sea (come on, we’ve all done it), but men need not apply, as this bathroom is strictly for women only.

The Bar/Toilet Hybrid

The designer of this bathroom in the Chung Yo Department Store in Taichung City, Taiwan, obviously knew how the male brain works. Going to the toilet in a busy bar usually means losing precious drinking time, but this restroom actually combines the two activities together to great effect. The toilet/bar hybrid allows customers to relieve themselves while having a beer in hand and a full bar right behind them. It’s the perfect combo!