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The Coolest Toilets in the World

One of the great truths of life is, no matter how rich, how poor or how famous you become, we all have one thing in common: Everyone has to use the toilet. While you might be thinking bowel movements aren’t the most glamorous of topics to discuss, you will change your mind once you’ve seen some of these toilets on display. The following list contains 15 of the coolest, most retro and bizarre WC’s on the planet. From urinals shaped like tubas, to a toilet cistern with a built-in aquarium, these toilets really are worth spending a penny in.

There Is Something Fishy About this Toilet

Everyone likes to feel relaxed when they’re sat on the toilet and there are few more restful sights than watching a fish tank. This unique design is called ‘Fish ’n Flush’ and sees a real-life aquarium attached to a standard toilet. And there’s no need to worry about the safety of the fish when it comes time to flush, as the aquarium is cleverly wrapped around a small cistern in two completely separate systems. As the cistern is smaller than your standard toilet, the ‘Fish ’n Flush’ even saves on water each time you flush!