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Funniest Signs From Around The World

Love or hate them, road and building signs are a part of our everyday lives and can be found in just about every corner of the earth. Most of the times we simply ignore any signs but there are occasional few that make us stop in our tracks and grab our full attention. While most signs will bore you to death before you even reach the end, there are some that will make you chuckle as soon as you see them. Below are some hilarious examples of the funniest signs out there.

10. I think this sign is more for animal safety

9. Sometimes weather can just get you too excited 

8. It would be sad if you ran over these adorable creatures

7. I mean…I always touch signs, don’t you? 

6. If you see someone drowning first laugh then call 911

5. Maybe use the door on the right

4. Grumpy cat is the new face for frozen goods 

3. That is how it starts and that is how it ends 

2. This stone can predict weather 

1. Please don’t try going down the hill in your wheelchair or you might get eaten