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A Hole In The Lake – Monticello Dam

If you’ve ever had a nightmare about being sucked down a giant plughole, then Monticello Dam in California will bring you out in cold sweats.

The dam has a giant spillway known as the ‘Glory Hole’ that can drain 48,400 cubic feet of water per second. The giant plughole provides a stunning spectacle when the dam is full.

Can I swim in the Monticello Dam?

Swimming is strictly prohibited near the spillway and tragedy struck in 1997 when Emily Schwalen was killed after she swam towards the hole and was sucked down the pipe. The woman dropped out of sight after gripping the edge of the hole for about 20 minutes, witnesses said. After this incident there hasn’t been a documented case of anyone else falling through the Glory Hole. Still it is dangerous to swim in the Monticello Dam.

What is the Spillway “Glory Hole” for?

The spillway is used to control the water levels in the lakes. It is actually a rare sight to see the Glory Hole in action because you will need several storms to actually reach the level.

Where to find it?

“Glory Hole” location on Google Maps