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Hyleton Worldwide Travel Adapter Review – Is it worth it?

Hyleton Worldwide Travel Adapter Review – Is it worth it?

If you are travelling from the US to UK, or from the UK to Europe and vice versa you would need to buy an adapter to charge your electronics since the sockets are different. As annoying as it sounds if you are travelling from the US and decided to first visit the UK and then on your way back stop by in any European country you would need to buy two different adapters! However, you can avoid buying multiple adapters if you go for a universal one like Hyleton all in one adapter

We have recently written an article where we give  tips on how to choose the best travel adapter.

Hyleton adapter specs & features:

1. Plugs – US/EU/UK/AU

2. USB ports – 4

3. Fast Charging – USB Type C 3.0 A

4. Voltage Input – 100 V – 240 V

5. Supported Products – iPhone, iPad, Samsung Tab, Android smartphones, Tablets, Bluetooth Speakers, Headsets, etc.

6. Product weight – 6.35 ounces / 180 grams 

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Average price: $20.99.

Hyleton adapter is a product that is built for frequent travellers. The adapter build quality feels very durable and so far has lasted me more than 1 year. 4 USB ports allow you to charge multiple gadgets simultaneously. Type C 3.0A USB slot is used for fast charging, most of new devices support 3.0 protocol, this will definitely save you extra time and quickly get your device to a 100%. 

Both EU and UK have the same 230 V standard, however, US has a standard voltage of 120 V. Luckily Hyleton supports a range of Voltages from 100 V to 240 V.

Hyleton charger has an average of 4.6 score on Amazon, which shows that this product is trusted by many customers. We ran the product through ReviewMeta and most of the reviews are valid which means the feedback and the brand is trustworthy. 

The only downside of this adapter is that it can’t support Type D and Type M 3 pin sockets like the ones they have in India.

Please note: Do not plug in appliances exceeding the maximum power of the adapter (Input Voltage: 100 V – 240 V 50/60 Hz, Max Power: 880 W at 110 V &1840 W at 230 V).

Conclusion – Is it worth buying?

If you are visiting multiple countries and continents Hyleton charger is a perfect travel gadget that can be used in many cases. It is light, comes with many plugs and USB ports, so I think you would enjoy this product as much as me. However if you would like to see other options, be sure to check out our article on best travel adapters.

Buy this adapter on Amazon

Average price: $20.99.