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See The World’s First Glass-Bottomed Sky Pool

Most luxury apartments in the centre of London are pretty extravagant but the recently announced Embassy Gardens Penthouses have something a little bit special – a glass bottomed ‘sky pool’ that will be suspended 115 feet in the air! The incredible pool is the first of its kind and will link two luxury apartment blocks at the Thames-side development. The pool will measure 25 metres long by 3m deep and will allow users to see 115 feet to the floor below, all while taking a leisurely dip. If you’re thinking you might have just found your dream home, you might want to start saving the pennies, as a single penthouse in the extravagant complex will start at £600,000. The apartments and ‘sky pool’ are expected to be ready by 2018 and will provide up to 2,000 homes for the exceedingly wealthy London residents.