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Floating Mountains – China’s Hidden Treasure

In a nutshell Tripadvisor Rating 4.5 / 5 Average time required 4 hours Great for Hiking, Outdoor activities The pictures below might look like scenes from James Cameron’s multi-million pound blockbuster Avatar but these incredible rock formations are actually located a little closer to home than Pandora. The Tianzi Mountains are found in the Hunan Province south east of China and […]

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Abandoned Beauty: 10 Breathtakingly Deserted Places

Whether you are an urban explorer or just have a curiosity for abandoned and deserted places, we can possibly agree that the neglect witnessed by their desolation can provoke a sense of mystery, wonder and in some cases eerieness. Yet one day these constructions were once nice new places that were brimming with life. At […]

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12 Places You Will Never Set Eyes On

No, these forbidden places are strictly off limits to your, or anyone else’s, physical presence or prying eyes. There is no Lonely Planet or Frommer’s Guide to these places. These are simply places you will never set eyes on. Coca Cola Recipe Vault The Real Thing is locked away, heavily guarded and out of sight […]