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Abandoned Beauty: 10 Breathtakingly Deserted Places

Whether you are an urban explorer or just have a curiosity for abandoned and deserted places, we can possibly agree that the neglect witnessed by their desolation can provoke a sense of mystery, wonder and in some cases eerieness. Yet one day these constructions were once nice new places that were brimming with life. At […]


10 Most Remote Places to Live on Earth

With the population of the planet constantly on the rise, it would be understandable to assume there are very few truly remote places left to live on earth. Every continent now has huge cities bustling with millions of people, along with more and more towns and villages appearing every year. If you thought there were […]

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The Most Barren and Lifeless Places on Earth

“Lifeless” is not an adequate adjective in this article, and perhaps not in life itself. Scientists have discovered that even the most hostile habitats harbor some sort of life in the form of extremophile bacteria and archaea, that can survive in hot springs, salt lakes and even in the most radioactive crevices of Chernobyl. There’s […]