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The World’s Most Amazing Private Islands

Many people dream that one day they will be wealthy enough to buy their very own private island in the sun, but the sad reality is that many of us will actually struggle to afford to buy our own houses, let alone our own place in the sun. However, there are a select lucky few whose island dream becomes a reality. These rare beings get to set up their dream homes on their own private land and don’t have to worry about noisy neighbours or rising tax bills. They are the envy of their friends, their family and pretty much everyone else on the planet, but just what do you do when you’ve bought your own private paradise? Here is a list of 10 of the world’s most amazing private islands to give you some ideas. Who knows, one day you might be lucky enough to need some inspiration yourself.

10. Velaa Private Island. Maldives

If you want to experience the Maldives in total luxury, then Velaa Private Island should be your first port of call. The incredible resort is owned by Czech billionaire, Jiri Smejc, and features white sands and crystal clear waters, as well as a tennis court and full golf course. With a spa and restaurant also located on the island, the resort contains everything needed for the perfect holiday. Before you start packing your bags though, you might need to check your bank account, as a single night’s stay for up to 80 guests costs an eye-watering $1.18m (around £700,000)!

9. Cayo Espanto. Belize

Cayo Espanto is one of the most famous private islands in the world and has featured on the front of magazine covers more than any other resort. The tropical paradise is located off the coast of Belize and has seven private villas for hire, each with its own private infinity pool. The island also features a helicopter pad, dive shop, spa and gym and costs around $2,000 per night to rent one of the villas. The resort has proven very popular with celebrities, with the likes of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Leonardo Dicaprio and Robert De Niro, all having stayed on the island at one time or another.

8. Dark Island. New York

Dark Island may not boast the sandy beaches and tropical waters of many of the private islands on this list but it does have one very unique feature, its own private castle! The picture postcard isle is located on the Saint Lawrence Seaway in New York and lies right on the border between USA and Canada. The island’s location meant the castle was even used for rum-running during prohibition in the States. The grand Singer Castle has had many admirers over the years and, as well as being used as the setting for the 2000 movie “The Skulls”, was also nearly purchased by Michael Jackson before the owners turned down his offer.

7. Laucala Island. Fiji

This stunning Fijian island is owned by the Austrian Red Bull magnate, Dietrich Mateschitz, and has 12 stunning beaches as well as a full 18 hole golf course. The owner also wanted to make the resort almost totally self-sufficient, so there is also a 240 acre farm, complete with free-range pigs, chickens, cattle and quail. When Mateschitz is away from the island he also rents it out to guests for $2,500 per night, allowing others to enjoy the incredible cuisine and unbelievable ocean views.

6. Motu Tane. French Polynesia

Motu Tane is owned by make-up artist Francois Nars and is a real life paradise located off the coast of Bora Bora. The island boasts incredible chic, with the wooden interiors being designed by Christian Liaigre and the outdoor landscapes by Pascal Cribier, to really help set the mood. Up to 12 guests can rent the resort for around $38,000 per night (around £23,000) and activities include kayaking, ray-feeding, lobster feasts and even submarine tours around the crystal-clear waters of the island!

5. North Island. Seychelles

The North Island in the Sychelles shot to fame in May 2011 when it was chosen as the honeymoon destination for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It is easy to see why they chose the area, as the resort boasts a spa, gym and pool built into its huge granite rocks. The island is also an eco-friendly resort, with activities such as walking with giant tortoises, diving with conservationists and moon-lit lessons in astronomy. There are a total of 11 luxury villas, costing around £49,000 per night, for up to 22 guests.

4. Musha Cay. The Bahamas

If white sands and turquoise seas are your idea of the perfect holiday, then the island of Musha Cay will seem like paradise. The resort is owned by American magician David Copperfield and boasts an impressive 40 beaches, the best of which is a golden sand spit (pictured) where a special lunch for two can be enjoyed. Musha Cay also has a beach cinema, floodlit tennis court and an on-site entertainer, just in case you get bored. 12 guests can rent out the island for $37,500 (around £23,000) per night.

3. Necker Island. British Virgin Islands

Necker Island is a little different to the other private islands on this list, in the fact that it is actually the permanent home of self-made billionaire Sir Richard Branson. A stay at the luxurious resort in the British Virgin Islands is by invite only, but this has not stopped some big names holidaying with Branson and his family. Guests have included Bill Gates, Kate Winslet, Nelson Mandela and Kate Moss, who even spent her 40th birthday here. The island was actually ravaged by fire in 2011 but a £17m project has now restored the Branson house to its former glory. The resort is said to possess a very laid back feel, with one of the main highlights being a zip-wire down to the beach!

2. Tetiaroa. French Polynesia

Tetiaroa is actually an atoll, made up of 12 small islands, and is not only famous for its beauty but also for being owned by the late Marlon Brando. The island sits 40 miles north of Tahiti and was actually once owned by the Tahitian royal family. The beautiful Tetiaroa is home to a tropical bird sanctuary, a beautiful reef and a stunning lagoon. There is currently no accommodation for guests though and the island has just one resident, Teihotu, Marlon Brando’s son. A hotel, called “The Brando” is currently in development though and is set to feature a spa, research centre, staff village and private runway.

1. Isla Tagomago. Spain

If a holiday in the party resort of Ibiza gets a bit too much, then a short trip to the private island of Isla Tagomago should help guests recharge their batteries. The secluded paradise is just a few miles off the coast of Ibiza and has been used by a number of different celebrities looking for a luxury break from the partying crowds. There is only one villa on the entire island so guests don’t need to worry about disturbing the neighbours. The villa contains five double suites, a swimming pool, jacuzzi and an led lighting system, providing a special Ibiza-like atmosphere to any parties guests might throw. You might want to choose your guests carefully though, as a week’s stay at the villa costs around £84,000!