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20 Incredible Hotels You Have To Visit

If you’ve ever stayed in a fancy hotel you probably know what to expect by now: a smart and tidy room, perhaps a balcony with a nice view (if you’re lucky) and maybe even a swimming pool to relax in. Most hotels feel very similar once you step inside the doors but there are the occasional few that do things differently. These hotels don’t just provide you with a cosy room and bed for the night, they take things to a whole new level. The following are 20 incredible hotels that have to be seen to be believed.

Conrad Maldivas

If your idea of a dream holiday is relaxing on a remote tropical island, then the Conrad Maldives hotel may be your ideal location. The 5 star hotel is located on Rangali Island and is surrounded by a beautiful lagoon and coral reef. If that wasn’t enough, the hotel also has an underwater restaurant and cheese bar, that serves 101 of the world’s finest cheeses, and even an underwater wine cellar. The restaurant sits 16 feet below the surface and its glass roof allows 180 degree views of the incredible marine life. Quite a special way to enjoy some cheese and biscuits!

Short video of the Conrad, Maldives

Hotel Kakslauttanen

If you’ve always wanted to sleep under the stars but don’t like the thought of ‘roughing it’ in the cold open air, then Hotel Kakslauttanen offers you the perfect compromise. The hotel’s incredible igloos feature glass ceilings, allowing guests to gaze at the stars from the comfort of a warm and cosy bed. The hotel is located near Urho Kekkonen National Park and is 250km north of the Arctic Circle, offering beautiful and serene isolation. Locals say that the area is so clean and pure that people can safely drink water straight from a stream or lake.

A view of the Aurora Borealis from this glass igloo

Hotel de Glace. Canada

The Hotel De Glace is the only ice hotel in North America and is located near Quebec City in Canada. Due to obvious reasons, the hotel is only open in the winter months and guests can look forward to staying in rooms with individual ice sculptures carved into the walls. The hotel houses 44 rooms in total and even comes complete with an ice bar, giant hall and ice chapel. If the hotel gets a little chilly there is even an outside spa and sauna area for guests to warm up in. A true winter wonderland!

A better look at the Hote De Glace

Giraffe Manor. Kenya

If you want a hotel with a bit of a difference, Giraffe Manor in Nairobi may just be the perfect choice. The hotel is set within 12 acres of private land and is home to its very own herd of giraffes! The animals regularly visit the hotel in the morning and evening and are often seen poking their heads into guests’ windows in search of a tasty treat. There aren’t many hotels where guests have the chance of hand-feeding a giraffe from the comfort of their own room! Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Jade Mountain Hotel. St. Lucia

If you like the sound of a luxury hotel with breathtaking views, then the Jade Mountain Hotel may be your perfect location. The luxury 5 star resort is based in St Lucia and overlooks a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea and the Piton mountains. Each room also has its own private infinity pool, so you can enjoy the panorama in perfect tranquillity. If relaxing in a pool is not your idea of heaven then the resort also has a spa, gym and even its own tennis court. This hotel really does provide a room with a view!

La Manta Resort. Zanzibar

If you want a holiday that offers complete isolation and tranquility then The Manta Resort has you fully covered. The resort has a selection of different villas but the real attraction is The Underwater Room that offers the ultimate in relaxation and solitude. The incredible floating island has a top deck for sun bathing by day and star gazing by night, a water deck to chill out and relax in and a sleeping area 4 metres below the surface that offers 360 degree views of the incredible marine life. All this can be yours for just $1,500 a night… A bargain!

Magic Mountain Hotel. Chile

If you feel at one with nature and want to stay at a hotel that lets you fully explore your surroundings, then the Magic Mountain hotel in the Huilo Huilo reserve in Chile should be your first port of call. The resort is built on a biological reserve and is the perfect starting point for guests who want to explore the beautiful Huilo Huilo reserve. The hotel is linked by rope bridges and has its very own waterfall running down the side of the walls. An absolute paradise for nature lovers.

Mirrorcube TreeHotel

It would be easy to walk straight past the Mirrorcube TreeHotel in Sweden and not even notice it. The exterior of the incredible looking treehouse is made out of mirror-glass and is designed to reflect and blend in with the natural surroundings. The Mirrorcube is so effective that the designers had to attach infrared film to the walls in order to stop birds flying into it (infrared is invisible to humans but visible to birds). The cube measures an impressive 4x4x4 metres and houses a large double bed, a bathroom, a lounge and even a roof terrace. Just watch out for those birds!

The Caves Resort. Jamaica

A trip to the Caribbean is many people’s idea of the dream holiday but The Caves Resort in Jamaica takes it to a whole new level. The resort is located on top of the stunning limestone cliffs of Negril and houses 12 individual cliffside cottages, all complete with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. The real attraction of the resort is found in the caves below though, with each cottage having its very own private cave dining area. Guests can enjoy a candle-lit meal in their very own cave, with the sound of the Caribbean Sea lapping at their feet. Now that really is luxury!

Poseidon Undersea Resort

The Poseidon Undersea Resort may look like something out of a James Bond movie but the incredible hotel in Fiji is very much real. Although the hotel is still under construction it will eventually feature 22 guest rooms, an underwater restaurant, bar, chapel, spa and conference room. Guests will be able to sleep under a sea of marine life and wake up to stunning views of the ocean above their heads. And the price to stay at the underwater resort? Just a small $30,000 per week, per room.

Radisson Blu Hotel

If you want a hotel that provides a great photo opportunity, the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin will not disappoint you. The upscale hotel is home to the incredible Aquadom, which is the largest cylindrical aquarium ever built. The aquarium is located in the hotel’s lobby and stands at an incredible 25m high, 11m in diameter and contains an impressive 1 million litres of water. The Aquadom is also home to 1,500 fish, ranging across 50 different species, which are fed on a daily basis by 4 scuba divers. There is also a glass lift located in the centre of the aquarium to give guests an even better view of the marine life. If fish are your passion, then the Radisson Blu Hotel is a must visit!

Sala Silvermine. Sweden

If you suffer from claustrophobia, the Sala Silvermine hotel in Sweden may be one to avoid. The hotel is famous for containing the world’s deepest hotel room, The Mine Suite. The suite is located an incredible 155m underground and is surrounded by beautiful cavities and winding galleries. If you want to stay in a hotel with complete solitude and isolation, then The Mine Suite ticks all the boxes. The room is so far underground that guests are provided with an intercom radio to contact reception, as mobile phones don’t work that far below the surface. This really is a truly unique place to stay!

Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel

If you enjoy a mixture of luxury and natural beauty, the Ubud Hanging Gardens hotel is the destination for you. The hotel is located in the centre of Bali and offers incredible views of the surrounding jungle and mountains. The real highlight of the Ubud Hotel is the stunning facilities though, with each suite having its very own private infinity swimming pool for guests to relax in and enjoy the stunning surroundings. If the private pool wasn’t relaxing enough, the hotel also has an on-site spa for guests to really get pampered.

Free Spirit Spheres. Canada

The Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island are designed to be at one with their forest surroundings and allow guests to “move into and inhabit the forest without taking it down first.” The incredible looking balls are suspended from the surrounding trees and gently sway in the wind with the forest. Each sphere contains a bed, a dining area and a kitchen. They may look simple but they also have a power connection for lighting and even their own sound system for guests to listen to music. The Free Spirit Spheres are a unique way to get back in touch with nature.

Jumbo Stay

If you want a hotel with a real difference, then Jumbo Stay will definitely tick all the boxes. The hotel/hostel is located at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport and offers you the chance to stay overnight in a full size jumbo jet! The plane is equipped with a number of different rooms which can accommodate up to three adults, as well as a quad dormitory bed option. There is also a chance for guests to sleep in a luxury suite in the actual cockpit of the plane, which offers panoramic views of the airport. An absolute must stay for any aviation enthusiasts!

Rayavadee Krabi

The Rayavadee Krabi resort in Thailand is like something from a story book. The luxury 5 star resort is located on a deserted sandy beach, with stunning views of the Andaman Sea stretching out in front of it and the incredible backdrop of the limestone cliffs behind it. The resort boasts a full-service spa, outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts. Perhaps the biggest attraction though is the resort’s beachside bar and restaurant (pictured), which allows guests to relax with a drink by the sea or enjoy a meal in the cosy surroundings of the cliff-side cave. Pure paradise!

Ascher Cliff Restaurant

If you want a room with a view, you would struggle to find a better place to stay than the Ascher Cliff Restaurant in Switzerland. The restaurant offers simple accommodation in the form of hostel-like rooms but guests come for the stunning views rather than the luxury service. The restaurant/hostel is tucked into a ledge on the Ascher cliff and provides a view that will literally take your breath away. Guests can enjoy a meal while they look out across the green wooded valley and snow-peaked mountains of Switzerland. The restaurant is only accessible by foot but the rewards for the steep walk are more than worth it!

The Kahala Hotel & Resort

If you’ve ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins, the Kahala resort in Hawaii should be your perfect holiday destination. Guests are able to sign up to the ‘Dolphin Quest’ for the chance to swim with dolphins during their stay. The resort has its very own natural lagoon on the hotel grounds where dolphins swim freely and guests have a number of chances to join them. The hotel offers everything from a simple 30 minute session with the dolphins, to a whole week as a dolphin trainer. Since first opening in 1964, The Kahala Resort can even boast to having every standing US President stay in the hotel at least once!

Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese

The Hotel Grotta Palazzesse can be found on the south east tip of Italy, in the town of Polignano a Mare. The beautiful hotel and restaurant has been carved into the limestone cliffs that look out across the Adriatic Sea. The hotel offers luxurious rooms with stunning views but it is the restaurant’s location (pictured) that is the real selling point. The incredible restaurant balcony is carved into the limestone cliffs and provides one of the most incredible locations on earth to enjoy some fine dining. If you like your meals with a view then Grotta Palazzesse will not dissapoint!

Cocoa Island Resort

If your idea of the perfect holiday is clear turqoise seas and pale white sands, then the Cocoa Island Resort will be your idea of paradise. The resort is located on its own private Maldives island and is surrounded by a stunning lagoon. The hotel has 33 overwater suites, that are each shaped like boats, and connected by walkways with the crystal clear water below. Guests are literally able to swim to their front door! The luxurious resort also provides spa treatments and world class diving. This really is like living in paradise!