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China’s Bizarre Shaped Buildings

When it comes to modern architecture, China may not be the first place you think of but in recent times the country has seen a growing trend of unusual buildings popping up in its bustling cities. It may be more famous for it’s ancient and historical structures but China is also gaining a reputation for unusual and modern cutting-edge design. Whether it’s a giant stock exchange that looks like a doughnut or a museum in the shape of a teapot, China is home to some of the most bizarre looking buildings in the world. The following is a list of ten of the most impressive.

Hisayoshi Centre, Shanghai

While it may look like one of those giant bear foot slippers you once received as a Christmas present, the Hisayoshi Centre is actually Shanghai’s largest business centre and is a ‘commercial hub for global luxury brands.’ That’s all very impressive, but we just like the fact it looks like a giant bear foot!

Ring of Life, Fushun

You would expect this giant metal ring in the centre of Fushun city to serve a very special purpose, but the structure was simply designed as a tourist attraction. The empty ring is fitted with 12,000 LED bulbs to light up the city at night and also has a viewing platform.

Sheraton Hotel, Huzhou

This incredible hotel is located on the waterfront in Huzhou and is designed around the regions famous hump-back bridges. The incredible structure stands 27 storeys high and it’s arched shape allows for water to pass straight between the two pillars of the building.

Meitan Tea Museum, Guizhou

While most museums store all their most interesting artefacts inside the building, at the Meitan Tea Museum it may be the building itself that is the most interesting thing of all. The huge tea pot and cup stand at an impressive 74m high and are a symbol of Guizhou being ‘the hometown of green tea’. The museum, perhaps unsurprisingly, also holds the world record for being the Largest Teapot Monument in the world.

Tianzi Hotel, Hebei

If the purpose of this hotel was to get noticed, the designer certainly seems to have achieved their ambition. The three giant buddhas that greet guests on arrival are Fu, Lou and Shou, the Chinese gods of good fortune, prosperity and longevity. Guests enter the hotel through the right foot of Shou (white beard) and the hotel’s most luxurious suite is located in the ‘Peach of Immortality’ in Shou’s left hand.

Linda Haiyu Plaza, Beijing

This space-age looking office complex in Beijing was apparently designed to look like a giant fish. The main building’s large doorway and gold balconies certainly give the perception of a mouth and ears, although the elongated body, made up of the other office towers, has led to many people comparing it to a caterpillar.

Teapot building, Wuxi

While Guizhou may have the largest teapot monument in the world, Wuxi certainly has the most technically advanced. The building is based on the famous red clay teapots of the area and is used as a rather spectacular tourist information building. The 10 storey teapot can even rotate 360 degrees!

Guangzhou Circle, Guangzhou

Arguably the most impressive and eye-catching building in the whole of China, the Guangzhou Circle was designed by Italian architect Joseph di Pasquale and is home to the Guangdong Plastic stock exchange. The building stands at 138m tall and houses 33 stories, while the hole in the centre is almost 50m wide. It’s also bound to have increased the sale of doughnuts in the area!

Mobile Phone Building, Kunming

While it may seem like mobile phones are taking over the world, in China they’re taking over the buildings too! This 11-storey building can be found in the bustling city of Kunming and boasts phone buttons for windows and a giant ‘phone screen’ in the penthouse apartment. The giant hand clutching the phone makes the giant phone seem all the more real.

Wuliangye Yibin building, Yibin

This giant bottle building is located in Yibin, the home of China’s most popular white spirit, baijiu. The building is the headquarters of the Wuliangye Yibin company and the streets surrounding the complex also have buildings shaped like drink packaging, while mini bottle statues line the roads.