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Most Incredible Mobile Homes

There are people who live, and then there are those who “live”. With the advent of mobile homes, mankind has once more tapped into his primal urge to move from place to place. Rather than building massive manor homes or castles, some people have once again began to favor smaller, portable homes that allow them to change their scenery at will. Here are ten of the most incredible mobile homes in the world.

10. The Kira Van

Perhaps you’ve heard of camper vans before, the suburban dad version of a camping trip. Parents will load their kids up, hop behind the wheel, and drive to the edge of a lake where they spend the next week ‘camping’ with all the comforts of home. The KiraVan takes this to the next level. Powered by a six-cylinder diesel engine with a four-door crew cabin, this beast of a machine pulls a 31 feet long and 10 feet high trailer behind it. The trailer opens out in a modular system to create a veritable mansion. Oh, and it’s equipped with Kevlar tires so they’re virtually immune to rough terrain.

9. The Heat Mobile Estate

Imagine if you took a long-haul truck and turned it into a home. A two-story home, at that. The Heat is a mobile estate pulled by a massive truck, featuring 1,200 square feet of space. It comes with a full kitchen, master bedroom, showers, lobbies, and multiple restrooms. It’s typically rented out to business executives or used on movie sets as a changing room. However, it’s just as luxurious as any home you’ll ever find. With marble, leather, and oak treatments throughout the unit, the Heat isn’t just pretty; it’s secure. It comes equipped with full 24/7 video surveillance from all angles.

8. The Pod House

No, it’s not the home of an alien, although some people may think you’d have to be out of this world insane to live like this. The Pod House is a $964, two meter high creation by architect Dai Haifei. He built it on the streets of Shanghai because he didn’t want to pay rent. It comes equipped with a small dresser, a single bed, and a few electronics. Other than that, there’s almost nothing inside. However, the exterior is designed so that grass seeds can be planted on the walls, providing a green alternative to heating and cooling, allowing the entire home to be powered by solar energy.

7. Tumbleweed Homes

In recent years, there has been a surge in the ‘tiny home’ movement. People who participate build small homes on wheels, sometimes as small as 117 square feet, and learn to make the best use of a small amount of space. This is done not only out of respect for nature, but because many participants believe there is no need for huge amounts of space. Because these homes are wheels, people who live in them often move locations when they feel like it. It becomes less a home and more a hotel room that follows them around.

6. Dubai Houseboat

Sometimes people prefer to live on water rather than land, and that’s exactly what this houseboat does. Combining the comforts of a water-based lifestyle with all those of a life of luxury, this 220 square meter home measures 20 meters (60 feet) by 6.7 meters (20.1 feet) and comes with a fully-fucntional kitchen, living room, and an informal dining area. The interior looks more suited to a Manhattan penthouse than a houseboat. This chic design makes it truly outstanding.

5. Cosmic Muffin Boeing Houseboat

Some people recycle drink cans. Others recycle planes. The Cosmic Muffin is a houseboat built out of the fuselage of Howard Hughes’ former Boeing Stratoliner. While it’s docked in Fort Lauderdale, it’s capable of becoming seaworthy and moving from port to port. Because it’s built from the remaining parts of an aircraft, the Cosmic Muffin may be the most streamlined houseboat in the water, although it isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing.

4. Joseph Tayyer’s Green Truck

Most people wouldn’t enjoy the idea of living inside a truck, but Joseph Tayyer set out to turn a normal truck into a mobile home that is completely green. With solar panels all the way across the top, he gets all the energy he needs naturally. A water collection system provides him with enough water for basic tasks, including watering his plants. The ‘Green Truck’ cost Tayyer around $225,000 over several years of work.

3. Bicycle Campers

Think of a normal camper van. Now imagine it attached to a bicycle rather than a car. This is exactly what Kevin Cyr imagined. While the home is rather tiny, it provides whoever inside a place to sleep, as well as a means of transportation. Modern amenities like kitchens and bathrooms can’t fit, but the creator of these bizarre campers figures that people can think of ways to relieve themselves and shower when necessary.

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2. Vardo

The Gypsy are known the world over for their nomadic ways, and the Vardo is the incarnation of that. Sometimes called Gypsy wagons, these tiny mobile homes are meant for travel. Because of this, many lack full sized kitchens and bathrooms, but provide the owners a place to sleep and relax after a long day on the road. Of course, with modern amenities, everything can be included.

1. Yurts

Yurts are a traditional form of housing originally used by Mongolian nomads in their quest across Asia. However, they’ve recently regained popularity among people looking to connect to a more ‘natural’ way of living. Many yurts have been converted into permanent homes, although others are still very portable; it’s like taking down a very large, complex tent. The drive to move has always been present in people, since the beginning of time. However, stationary homes made it a problem. As the urge to travel has grown in recent years, mobile homes have grown with it and now the diversity is nearly endless.