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Would You Stay In A Hotel Made Entirely Out Of Salt?

Every hotel likes to have a unique selling point to attract the very best guests but the Palacio de Sal resort in Bolivia may have the most unique of all: The luxury hotel is made entirely from salt!

The 4,500 square metre complex is made from 10,000 tons of salt and even the furniture is made from the seasoning. While it might sound like an expensive substance to build from, there is actually a very practical reason behind the hotel’s choice of building material: The complex is only a few miles from Salar de Uyuni the worlds largest salt flats. Over 1 million sodium chloride blocks were used to construct the hotel and no expense was spared, with a games room, whirl pool, sauna and salt water swimming pool all included.

There is room for up to 48 guests in the resort’s 24 suites and there is even a 9 hole golf course (made of salt of course) to keep visitors entertained.