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30 Awesome Photos From National Geographic Contest on Instagram

A lot of us grew up watching National Geographic channel, it is an inspirational network which shares one of a kind shots and films about our planet Earth. You can find NG on most social networks, Instagram proved to be a great success for the company. Last month they have reached 100 million followers on Instagram and to celebrate this milestone they have launched a competition. Participants had to add a hashtag #NatGeo100Contest to their photos in order to enter the contest. The scale was mind-blowing, there were more than 90,000 entries and even now people are still submitting their best photos. 

Here in our list we are showcasing top finalists as well as other awesome entries. For better navigation we have divided the photos into categories: Animals, Landscape and People. Hope you enjoy these breath-taking photos that capture the essence of a single moment.

1. Gracious Great Egret

Great Egrets appear serene and still in wetlands, but they are also vicious hunters, who eat anything they can catch—including this bullfrog, who appears to be fighting hard for survival. Photographer Cory Richards: This moment is so bizarre and confusing that I had to zoom in to make sure another animal’s foot wasn’t sticking straight out of the water to block the distressed frog from certain death.

Photo by: fshaluska

2. Zebras trying to cross the river 

In the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, zebras search for crocodiles while wildebeest run across the river. Photographer Muhammed Muheisen: The image is so dynamic, with a powerful depth that keeps me looking. A moment well captured.

Photo by: ketankhambhatta

3. Black Bear hunting for salmon 

Sashimi anyone?
Black bears enjoy a varied diet, but these omnivores greatly depend on protein rich salmon to build up reserves as they prepare to hibernate in winter.

Photo by: yurichoufour

4. This sheep looks serious

Starting my pictures from the Faroes with a sheep, probably the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about these islands

Photo by: zeppaio

5. Pouncing Fox 

A fox poncing, now getting down below to find its prey, stay tuned for the result 

Photo by: thomasajspur

6.  Beautiful Blue eyes

Look at those eyes 

Photo by: ne_meic

7. A frantic stampede of wildebeest trying to cross the river 

This image depicts the frantic momentum of wildebeest crossing the Mara River in Tanzania. Photographer Tasneem Alsultan: I enjoy photos that aren't that obvious. Is it wasps of hair? Or shards of wood? The mass of horns rushing my way seem lethal, and yet the photographer made us see the image from an artistic view.

Photo by: sarasteinphotography

8. Complex bond between humans and nature 

National Park Ranger Matthieu Shamavu embraces Matabishi, an orphaned juvenile mountain gorilla, at the Senkwekwe Center, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Senkwekwe is the only rehabilitation center for mountain gorillas in the world. Photographer Ami Vitale: The image is sublime because we immediately understand that it's a metaphor for unspeakable brutality but also great tenderness. This image illustrates our complex bond with the natural world.

Photo by: adamkieferphoto

9. Spotted eagle ray encounter 

Looking down from above, like a satellite orbiting around the earth, my camera’s view finder presses against my mask, this is one of the most memorable views from My World. Pushing through the strong currents, low visibility and rough waves this day was most definitely worth it. 

Photo by: andremusgrove

10. Crouching Tiger

Exclusive sighting of this Male tiger , waited for few hours at the same spot to get this shot at Raj Bagh Ranthambhore national park. Totally worth. ROYAL 

Photo by: akshayrajputphotography